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Be ready for 2021 harvest with us!

All products offered by More Export From Ukraine LLC is grown in clean regions of Ukraine using innovative technologies focused on growing high-quality crops that meet international standards. All of our products are certified.

Wherever possible we source natural, fairtrade or biodynamic products, the proven method for promoting sustainable agriculture. We have to look a little farther afield to ensure our range consists of quality products priced at levels that provide fair returns to farmers, whilst being affordable for our customers. As our growers & suppliers play such an important role in supplying the highest quality products to us.

We do create excellent solutions for our customers by carefully listening to their needs and exceeding their expectations.

We all enjoy a sweet treat from time-to-time and considering the many artificial additives, GMOs, and other expendable food processes we are unwittingly subjected to, we wanted to provide a range of quality, fair-trade products that not only taste delicious but are made from certified ingredients that are not only better for us, but for Mother Nature too. Practicing sustainable methods, focusing on low processing and supporting organic farming and organic ingredients, we have a no-nonsense approach to providing quality products that speak for themselves — we won't tell you how good they are, as you'll be glad to find out for yourself.

 Tavria is the old historical name of the steppe region located between the Dnieper and the Molochna rivers within the territory of the Zaporizhzhya and Kherson regions, in the south of Ukraine.

Tavria is known for its endless bodies of water, reeds, sandy landscapes, the largest uninhabited island in Ukraine, unique flora and fauna.

Tavria™ is a NEW trademark of "More Export from Ukraine LLC" the export trader of Ukrainian Manufacturers in the US and worldwide. We work to promote the sale of their high quality, superior Ukrainian products, and materials at competitive prices in the USA and International marketplaces, provide profitable export strategies, and develop long-term relationships with foreign buyers, distributors, and wholesalers.

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We are interested to develop our company with new branches opened in new commercial areas for the exportation of local products and the trading of our commodities.

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