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Sunflower prices in Ukraine backed by stronger demand for sunoil
Oilseeds prices grew yesterday, Jan. 10. 2022

The demand for 
sunflower oil pushed up the price, thus on the basis of CPT-plant sunflower was traded between 18700-21500 UAH a ton, depending on the oil content ranging from 46 to 50%
Black-List ⚠ Companies

Export Scam Black-List

Always study the real market statistic, but not the fake information.

For all fraud cases please send all details to our fraud team by email for further investigation and analyses.

Always try to get maximum possible data from fraud company: invoice, bank account, voice record. Never say to scammers that they are identified.  Let's work together !

Please note that in order to make sure of the reality and reliability of your supplier, always pay attention to the age of his company, the life of his website (WHOIS), number and the age of his social networks (Facebook, YouTube, LinkedIn, Instagram, Alibaba, client reviews and etc.)

Export Scam can be a reason for serious losses in your business by such professional fraudsters.

Always check social networks, and web site age by WhoIs services online to ensure the real status of the domain.

On Alibaba in order to get realistic quotation you have to filter all companies that are less than 2-3 years on this B2B and have more than 5 years’ of company legal registration in their country. Better also to check website / domain age lifetime.

Any Serious company will keep less than one-year domain.  

For your safety I suggest to keep all your correspondence in Alibaba system. Usually fraud companies in Alibaba do not like it. And always press “Report Suspicious” link that is close to each company profile in Alibaba page if you get fraud propositions.

Sunflower Bakery Kernels (Hulled Sunflower Seeds)

Sunflower Bakery Kernels (Hulled Sunflower Seeds)

Our Ukrainian sunflower kernels bakery grade, organic and conventional quality, various bulk or retail packing under private label.

Today, over twenty years later, GMO crops, especially soybeans, corn, papaya, canola and cotton, are commercially grown in numerous parts of the world. And usually worldwide commercial interests were running far ahead of scientific knowledge. That is why it is better to avoid using GMO in your family food.
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