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* ISO 22000 certified
* No trans fats
* Non-GMO
* High Oliec available


Our company is focused on export of sunflower and soybean materials from Ukraine and is worldwide distributer and a partner of famous Ukrainian manufacturers.


That is why we give the most optimized price and the best possible quality.


We always look for a new wholesale partnership and propose an amazing opportunity for the US market.

For manufacturing in Ukraine we cooperate with ALK Trading LLC ( and also work with other famous companies and factories. We know our job and guarantee you the result and satisfaction.


Our eligible oil has No canola or palm oil content. We use only non-GMO sunflowers and soybeans from Ukraine.

We sell only 100% natural product without any adding. Our products are certified HASP and we have also new US organic certified positions available on request.


Also, in view of the present situation with coronavirus #COVID 99) please take note of our new position of 1 liter vitaminized refined Sunflower oil. Such oil helps with food fortification – by adding nutrients and vitamins, which allows us to saturate the human body with the missing nutrients and vitamins.


Following Vitamins adding is available and ISO certified:

“A” – important for vision

“D” – helps to better absorb the necessary elements for a person

“E” – enriches the blood with oxygen.

 Shelf life is 24 months (8°С - 20°С)




Black-List ⚠ Companies

Export Scam Black-List

Always study the real market statistic, but not the fake information.

For all fraud cases please send all details to our fraud team by email for further investigation and analyses.

Always try to get maximum possible data from fraud company: invoice, bank account, voice record. Let's work togeather !

Please note that in order to make sure of the reality and reliability of your supplier, always pay attention to the age of his company, the life of his website (WHOIS), number and the age of his social networks (Facebook, YouTube, LinkedIn, Instagram, Alibaba, client reviews and etc.)

Export Scam can be a reason for serious losses in your business by such professional fraudsters.

Sunflower Bakery Kernels (Hulled Sunflower Seeds)

Sunflower Bakery Kernels (Hulled Sunflower Seeds)

Our Ukrainian sunflower kernels bakery grade, organic and conventional quality, various bulk or retail packing under private label.

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